CSV parsing library for Lua

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Lua CSV parsing library.


$ sudo luarocks install lcsv



getmetatable ( (string:file, [string:mode])).filename -> string:file

Used to get the filename from handles.

Source handling (string:file, [string:mode]) -> File:csvh

Opens a .csv file. It defaults to “r+” mode.


lcsv.mapLineToHeader (table:csvl, table:header) -> table:csvl

It will map a CSV line that is numerically indexed to its correspondant header indexes. The header table must be a map of each index to a string (the header).

lcsv.mapHeaderToLine (table:csvl, table:header) -> table:csvl

Using the same tables as .mapLineToHeader, it will turn csvl into a numerically indexed table.

lcsv.toLines (string:str) -> table:lines

Splits a string into lines.

lcsv.parseLine (string:str, [table:header]) -> table:csvl

It will parse a single line of CSV into a table, optionally with a header.

lcsv.parseAll (table:lines, [boolean:hasHeader]) -> table:csvt, [table:header]

It parses a table of CSV lines into a table, and if specified, will use the first line as header.


lcsv.readHeader (File:csvh, [boolean:move]) -> table:header

Reads the first line as header. If move is set to true, it will go back to the original position, otherwise sets the cursor at the next line of the header.

lcsv.readLine (File:csvh, [table:header]) -> table:csvl

It will read the next line in the file handle and parse it into a CSV line.

lcsv.readAll (File:csvh, [boolean:hasHeader]) -> table:csvt, [table:header]

It reads all the file and parses it into a CSV table.


lcsv.escape (string:str) -> string:escaped

It escapes a string for use in CSV files.


lcsv.newCsvLine (...) -> string:line

It escapes all the arguments and puts them in a CSV string.

lcsv.newCsv (table:t) -> string:csvs

It gets a table of CSV line tables ordered like this:

  { "a", "b", "c"},
  { "d", "e", "f"}

and turns it into a CSV string like this:


lcsv.toCsvLine (table:csvl, [table:header]) -> string:line

Turns a CSV line table into a CSV string.

lcsv.toCsv (table:csvt, [table:header]) -> string:csvs

Turns a whole CSV table into a CSV string. Will remove the header keys.


lcsv.writeRawLine (File:csvh, ...)

Wrapper around .newCsvLine that will write into the document.

lscv.writeLine (File:csvh, ...)

Wrapper around .toCsvLine that writes to the document.

lcsv.writeRawAll (File:csvh, table:t)

Wrapper around .newCsv that writes to the document.

lscv.writeAll (File:csvh, table:csvt, [table:header])

Wrapper around .toCsv that will write into the document.


This project is licensed under MIT. Cristian Muñiz (c) 2018